Strategy requires thought, tactics require observation.

Business Model

Being an investment company, JPJ Invest primarily buys stakes in or makes complete acquisitions of SME businesses.

Our investments can be both active and passive, but certain core criteria must always be met by our acquisition targets.

Privately owned and part of the Jebsen & Jessen Family Enterprise, JPJ Invest will appeal to divestors who wish their companies to continue their operations under the umbrella of a family business and the unique culture practised by such enterprises.

While remaining open to unexpected opportunities, JPJ Invest is mainly focused on both active and passive investments in businesses with impeccable business practice and governance standards, solid track records and transparent business models which we understand.

We are comfortable to take on responsibilities and provide guidance to the businesses we invest both at board level and on individual project basis.

Whilst not being restricted by geographical or industry sector boundaries, JPJ Invest declines investments in start-ups, turnaround cases or companies heavily focused on technology.

JPJ Invest is a family business and operates as such. We are patient and tend to think long-term wherever an exit strategy seems unnecessary. To quote the famous investor Warren Buffet: “Our preferred holding period is forever…”