Privacy Policy

Please read the following privacy policy carefully before using any of the websites of JPJ Invest Pte Ltd

JPJ Invest, which comprises JPJ Invest Pte Ltd, its subsidiaries, joint-ventures, associates, affiliates and cooperating companies, is concerned that the privacy of all those who use our websites is not compromised. With this in mind, we think it is important that you should know exactly how we deal with any information we obtain from you when you use our Internet resources.

If you are only visiting our websites, then you do not need to give your name or email address or any other information about yourself. Our web servers only collect domain names of visitors and this data is collated solely to give us statistical information such as which pages are most popular, how many people access our sites, and how long they spend at each. This information may then be used to help us enhance the design, content and functioning of our sites.

We do occasionally need to collect information from you such as your name and email contact details in order to answer your queries, fulfill your orders or provide you with other specific services. When such personal information is required, we will endeavor to tell you how we will use it at the time we collect it. Sometimes we may provide email addresses we have collected to companies of good reputation that provide products or services that we think may interest our customers. If you do not want your details used in this way, you will be given the chance to indicate that this is the case when you give us your information. We will then limit access to your details.

The regional businesses of JPJ Invest or member companies may provide customised information on how they can meet specific business needs to people who register with them online. The delivery of this personalised information may be implemented using Internet tools called cookies. Cookies are small data packages that are sent to a browser by a website. If you receive a cookie when you visit one of our websites, it may be stored by your computer and will enable us to identify you when you visit again. If you do not want to receive cookies you can simply change the preference or option settings of your Internet browser to stop all or some cookies from being accepted by your computer. You can also set your browser so that it alerts you every time a cookie is sent to you.

To better acquaint ourselves with the requirements and wishes of the people who use our websites, we conduct online surveys from time to time. We will make every effort to let you know at the time of any survey just how the information we collect will be used.

As part of the online service we provide, the websites of JPJ Invest may contain links to other sites such as those of our business and joint-venture partners. We make every effort to only link to sites that share our own high standards of service and our conscientious approach to the issue of privacy; however, we cannot take any responsibility for the actual way in which these sites implement their own privacy procedures or the content or services that they provide.

When you use the websites of JPJ Invest you can be assured that we have taken every feasible step to ensure that your information is secure. However, because the Internet has an inherently open character you should be aware that your data might travel through connections that are not under our control or scrutiny and are not secure. Because of this, there is a possibility that third parties may gain access to your data and utilise it. Such an eventuality is, unfortunately, beyond our control.